Finding your resilience through EQ

‘I could sit and dwell on being dealt a bad hand, or I can LIVE by creating experiences, accepting opportunities, and making memories that make me lookback at the last 12 months with gratitude because without this traumatic, worst year of my life I wouldn't have had these experiences that make me feel so alive and I wouldn’t truly know how strong and resilient I am’

Through the transformational power of emotional intelligence, there is a path to embracing your true self and celebrating your unique strengths.

Where you learn to not only master your own emotions but also to connect with and support the emotions of others.

Imagine showing up every day as your authentic self feeling empowered, valued and confident in your ability to create impact.

Imagine being a master of emotions enabling you to strengthen and influence your relationships.

Imagine every day feeling happy and energised with balance between work and home life.

Let Natalie take you on an inspiring journey to let you know it’s all possible and help create a world where everyone thrives.

Focus on Services for Individuals

IgniteEQ for Individuals

For individuals who are ready to embark on a transformative journey of exploring and enhancing their emotional intelligence, our IgniteEQ program serves as the ultimate launchpad for igniting your EQ.

It includes:

  • A personal EQ-2.0 assessment and report measuring fifteen competencies grouped into five composites: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management.

  • A 60-minute one-on-one in-depth analysis of assessment results supporting you in creating a development plan that will produce real change.

  • Two follow up, 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions to revisit and evolve your development plan and hold you accountable.

This package is tailored for you if you're ready to:

  • cultivate meaningful relationships in both your personal & professional life,

  • inspire positive change in the lives of others,

  • create impact, take action & restore balance to prevent burnout,

  • silence your imposter syndrome & conquer your fear of failure,

  • elevate your worth & turn your boldest goals into reality.

Private Coaching

At the heart of my coaching philosophy lies a human-centred and pragmatic approach. I prioritise authenticity, establishing meaningful connections, and fostering empathy with my clients. Throughout our journey together, I will be your compassionate challenger, and your most enthusiastic cheerleader. Together, we'll embark on a transformational voyage toward a more fulfilled, empowered, and thriving you.

1:1 coaching is for you if you are ready for:

  • personalised guidance for navigating life's challenges with resilience,

  • a supportive and confidential space to explore your emotions, thoughts, and goals without judgment,

  • healthier relationships and enhancing your communication skills,

  • breaking free from limiting beliefs and developing a mindset of abundance and possibility,

  • learning practical strategies for managing stress and conflict,

  • harnessing vulnerability and empathy as strengths,

  • investing in mental and emotional well-being for long-term success.

UnleashEQ Mastermind

For a more profound journey, participate in our 14-week transformative UnleashEQ Mastermind certification program, designed to bolster your understanding and development of the 15 emotional intelligence competencies.

This comprehensive program includes:

  • A 60-minute one-on-one in-depth analysis of assessment results supporting you in creating a development plan that will produce real change.

  • 6x live training sessions focussed on the 6 step framework to developing your E.Q. plus lifetime access to recordings.

  • Group coaching sessions designed to elevate emotional intelligence through the transformative power of self-reflection and collaborative exploration.

  • Three 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • A final personal EQ-2.0 assessment and report in week 13 to review progress.

  • A signed EQ certificate to recognise you as an EQ Master.


I deeply believe in the transformative power of mentorship, a reciprocal journey where I glean valuable insights as both a Mentee and a Mentor.

Each year, I dedicate time to guide and support a select number of mentees, recognising the profound impact these relationships can have.

Mentorship, for me, is not about a handout; it's a commitment to offering a hand up, a shared ascent towards growth and success.

I invite you to reach out to discover more about how mentorship can elevate your journey.

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