'Emotional intelligence is the compass that guides us through life's ever-changing landscapes, illuminating the path to self-discovery and deeper connections'

About Natalie

As a passionate advocate for personal growth through emotional intelligence, Natalie is dedicated to empowering individuals on a transformative journey to connect with their most authentic selves. Drawing from an extensive 15-year career in Human Resources global leadership, Natalie has championed people-centric strategies and leadership development across a spectrum of experiences, from large corporations to small startups. On the surface, she has been deeply involved with coaching for over a decade—training leaders to become better coaches and people managers. During a transformative period, Natalie established a business while on maternity leave, centred around coaching—supporting mothers in their return to the workplace and facilitating group coaching sessions to chart their path beyond maternity leave, guided by a tool she created called 'The Mother's Wheel.'

Over the course of three years, amid the challenges of homeschooling and the demands of full-time work during the pandemic, Natalie pursued a Personal Performance Coaching Diploma. But the thirst for knowledge didn't stop there—she became a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and a Wellbeing Coach through Dawn Breslin's Harmonizing program. The synergy of Natalie's formal training and her innate gifts—intuition, empathy, connection, and strategy—creates something truly magical when paired with the ambition and drive of a client.

In March 2023, life threw Natalie an unexpected curveball when she received a cancer diagnosis that forever altered her perspective. Through life-saving treatments, including chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy, Natalie uncovered an unwavering resilience and an unshakeable determination to maintain a positive outlook. This life-altering experience has deepened Natalie's commitment to helping individuals unearth their inner tranquillity, reach untapped potential, and lead with unwavering love in a world that can often underestimate and exhaust us. At the heart of this coaching philosophy lies a human-centred and pragmatic approach. Natalie and her team prioritise authenticity, establishing meaningful connections and fostering empathy with their clients.

Throughout your journey, Natalie will be your compassionate challenger, and your most enthusiastic cheerleader. Together, you will embark on a transformational voyage toward a more fulfilled, empowered, and thriving you.

This specialised focus on Emotional Intelligence and personal well-being equips Natalie and her team to guide you on a path from the grip of stress, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt to a place of tranquillity, self-love, self-awareness, emotional resilience, and the ability to support and empower not only yourself but those around you.


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